Friday, December 5, 2014

we interrupt your regular programming ¦ simply living wish my son a very happy birthday! he turned 14 yesterday! still not sure where my head is at with this...he's legally allowed to get his learners, he can apply for jobs...14. despite my reservations on moving into this phase of his life, he is an amazing person that i am so happy and proud to call my son.
i have no official 'he's 14!" photo as yesterday is a busy night for us, however, his fellow hip hop dancer, sadie, who spoiled him by bringing him a cake she made to class! so instead, i will share a few captures from his hip hop class last night...
but of course, they cannot sit around and eat cake all night...the dancing must commence!

dakota, i know i'm you're mom, but i kinda think you're a pretty cool kid :) may your 14th year be amazing!
your regular programming, homemade for the holidays, will resume tomorrow :)
happy friday everyone!

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