Saturday, November 29, 2014

ornaments ¦ homemade for the holidays

ornaments...they come in all shapes and sizes and we all love to fill our trees and spaces with them. they glisten and shine sparkle and gleam. they bespoke of love and history and tell stories of generations before us. every single ornament we hang on our tree and within our home tells a story. most of them are either handmade or have been given to myself, my husband, or my children as a gift to document a time in our lives or a personality trait to be celebrated.

one of my favourite traditions i started with my kids is, every year we add a collection of handmade ornaments to our tree. one year we decided to add some glitter to our tree by covering foam balls in glue and rolling them in glitter, and adding ribbon for hanging. 4 years later we still hang them on our tree and laugh about the fact that we found glitter on everything for the next 4 years!
our tree is filled with memories...each ornament telling a story. the red mittens we hang, i made when i was pregnant with my third baby...back in those days my husband was just starting his apprenticeship and money was tight. in my effort to create a warm and cozy christmas that was special for not only him and i but our our other very young children...i spent many wee hours in the night hand stitching and creating decorations to fill our tree and other spaces. these mittens are 10 yrs old now! i still love them and so do the kids!
the felt mittens are easy to make...i think the idea originally came from a martha stewart magazine.
simply find felt in the colour of your choice, cut out a mitten shape, sew 2 together using a blanket or whip stitch, using a contrasting colour felt, create a mitten cuff but cutting a rectangle shape and gluing it on the base of hte mitten, i then glued 3 buttons onto the front and attached a ribbon for hanging. super easy, super simple, and completely adorable :)
another christmas ornament that was great fun to make are the hanging hearts. we used a salt dough and once baked painted with white paint, sprinkled with glitter and added some baler twine for hanging.
 i love decorating with natural elements as year the ornaments we made were simple pine cones we gathered from a family trip out to crown land where we cut down our christmas tree. we collected a ton of pine cones and simply added some wire to them for hanging, we also wrapped wire around bundles of cinnamon sticks to put in the tree...easy peasy!
another great way to collect and gather unique one of kind ornaments is to do an exchange :) this snowflake comes from a beautiful soul who resides in norway. this snowflake was part of an ornament exchange with the one little word design team about 6 years ago...gudrun, knitted, then felted these gorgeous little snowflakes. the adorable felt bird at the beginning of the post comes from gigi in new york.

so go...go create beautiful memories to fill your tree with and perhaps to gift to others! would love to see what you create or hear your stories from ornaments created in the please feel free to share in the comments section!
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happy saturday!

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